M. Roger Drouin



Date de naissance : 4 juillet 1935

Date de décès: 3 août 2019


M. Roger Drouin


De Rockland, ON, est décédé le samedi 3 août 2019, à l’âge de 84 ans. Il était l’époux de Jeannine Pigeon, le fils de feu Vital  Drouin et de feu Florida Chartrand. Il était le père de Denis (Sylvie Simard), Francine (Serge Robineau) et feu François.  Il laisse également sa sœur, Monique (Gérard Lavictoire) ainsi que plusieurs beaux-frères, belles-soeurs, neveux, nièces et ami(e)s. Il fut prédécédé par ses frères et ses soeurs: Fernand, Jean-Marc, Noël (Eva), Rita, Aline (Fernand Leduc).

Les funérailles seront célébrées le vendredi 9 août 2019 à 11h, à la chapelle de la maison funéraire. La famille vous accueillera le vendredi 9 août 2019 à compter de 9h30 à la :




2419 rue Laurier,

Rockland, Ont. 613-446-4691

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About Us

The Brunet family serves the Ottawa-Gatineau region, Clarence-Rockland and the surrounding rural community. Rockland is located 30kms east of Ottawa. All staff members are bilingual. Our funeral home is immaculate and well maintained with a warm and friendly decor. We are a dedicated family with a rich tradition in funeral services since the 1800s. We keep abreast of the changes in funeral services and we are committed to the families we serve for many years to come.


1st Generation
2nd Generation
Fabien Brunet
3rd Generation
Joseph Brunet
4th Generation
Théo Brunet
5th Generation
Marc Brunet
5th Generation
Guy Brunet
6th Generation
Christian Brunet
6th Generation
Véronique Brunet



The Brunet family of Clarence-Rockland, Ontario, traces its origins in funeral services back to the 1800's. Jean-Baptiste Brunet (1st generation) was born in 1824 and resided in Clarence Creek Ontario. He was a carpenter and built coffins. Fabien Brunet (2nd generation), born in 1852, established the Brunet undertaking and driver business in 1884 in a district which became Rockland a few years later. He was also an agent for Coal, Buggies, Cutters, Stoves and Marble Work . His father, Jean-Baptiste, worked with Fabien at the funeral home and continued to operate the business when Fabien died in 1915. Jean-Baptiste died in 1924 at the age of 100 years and 4 months. Fabien's son Joseph (3rd generation), born in 1882, obtained his Embalmer's Certificate in 1915 and joined the family business. He died in 1948.

A great grandson, Théo (4th generation) Joseph's son born in 1920 received his Embalmer's Certificate of Qualification in 1944. After his father's death in 1948, Théo and his wife became owners and operators of the funeral home. In 1970, he incorporated the firm under its current name, Théo Brunet & Fils Limited. Théo passed away in 1994. Two of Théo's sons, Marc and Guy (5th generation, great-great grandsons) were licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers in 1969 and 1976 respectively and joined the firm. They became the major shareholders in 1979. Marc retired in 2000 and Guy became the main shareholder and President of the Company. Diane, Guy's wife is also owner and part of the funeral home staff along with their son Christian and daughter Véronique (6th generation, great-great-great grandchildren of Jean-Baptiste) also both licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers.







Services we provide

Traditional Funeral Services followed by cremation and/or burial

A traditional funeral service as we have known it for many years is generally defined as one in which the deceased is present for viewing. Whether the service be at a church or in our chapel and followed by a cremation and/or a burial, our traditional funeral service includes: our professional services as well as the necessary staff for the visitation and/or funeral; necessary legal documents; transportation of the deceased from place of death; complete preparation of the deceased and more.

Modified Traditional Funeral followed by cremation and/or burial

This service is essentially the same as our traditional funeral service. The difference is the length of the visitation. The visitation period, with the deceased present for viewing, is only on the day of the funeral. This type of service is suitable for families wishing to have visitation, service and interment all in one day.

Modified Traditional Funeral followed by cremation and/or burial

Immediate Disposition (cremation) - Funeral service with Urn Ark

This type of funeral service is suitable for a family who prefers to have the urn with the cremated remains present for visitation and/or service as opposed to the deceased in a casket. This funeral service, with the use of the Urn Ark, offers the family the possibility to participate actively as pallbearers. The Urn Ark is used to display the urn during visitation and / or service and to transport, professionally and respectfully, the urn from the funeral home to the church and/or cemetery.

Immediate Disposition (cremation) -with assistance

With this funeral service, the Urn Ark is not used. The family receives the assistance of staff, as required. To allow family and friends to pay their respects, a period of visitation (on the day of the funeral), either at the funeral home or at the church, is offered with this funeral service.

Immediate Disposition (cremation) -with assistance

Immediate Disposition (cremation and/or burial)

For some families, a simplified approach, such as, a simple cremation or burial without any visitation or funeral services, is better suited to their needs. Rest assured that we will respect your decision and your family will receive the attention which, for 6 generations, has made our reputation.

Immediate Disposition (cremation and/or burial)

Alternative Services for specific needs

Each family has specific needs in regards to funeral services. Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority and our funeral directors will gladly personalize and adapt any of our services to suit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about your specific needs

Alternative Services for specific needs


How can I make my prepaid funeral arrangements?

It's easy. Call for an appointment (613-446-4691) at your convenience, with one of our funeral directors, either at the funeral home or in the comfort of your own home. It's important to discuss freely and honestly about the details of your final wishes. Without any Obligations we will answer all of your questions, please feel free to ask. Our price list is always available , please call us for a copy. It is possible at all times to cancel a prepaid funeral arrangement contract.

More Information

Where does the funds of my prepaid funeral arrangements go?

The Funeral Directors and Establishment Act of Ontario requires that all prepaid funeral arrangements funds be deposited in a trust account with a bank, trust company, or credit union until the time of death and the services are rendered. There is a Compensation Fund administered by the Board of Funeral Services of Ontario. It is contributed by every funeral establishment in Ontario and are compensatory funds that protects prepaid funeral arrangements deposits.

How to Cope with Grief

To the families we serve, to help you get through such a difficult time in your lives, here are helpful resources offered by us: 6 monthly editions of AfterLoss. For anyone needing resources on how to cope with grief, we can send you at no charge a pamphlet entitle LIVING THROUGH GRIEF-by John Kennedy Saynor for the Ontario Funeral Service Association. Bereaved Families of Ontario (Ottawa-Carleton) P.O. Box 9384, Ottawa Terminal, Ottawa, ON K1G 3V1 www.bereavedfamilies.net Program in French: 613-739-7171 Program in English: 613-739-2997.


Christian & Véronique Brunet Monuments - For more information, contact us.

Headstone & Base
  • Placed upright on a base, the headstone can be of different design and color. The inscription is displayed on it. Placed on the foundation, the base upholds the headstone. The headstone and base are both made of granite, the most durable and resistant of natural rock.
  • Concrete poured into the ground to uphold the base and headstone, the foundation prevents the monument from leaning and sinking.Placed on the foundation, the base upholds the headstone. The headstone and base are both made of granite, the most durable and resistant of natural rock.
  • Usually the family name is written in a larger character at the top or bottom of the tomb stone. The deceased's full name is written. You may have the full date of birth and death or just the year of birth and death. This also varies with the size and room on the tomb stone
  • The design of the stone varies by the shape of the monument and the drawings engraved on the front or back of the stone. Catalogues of drawings are available by the seller of monuments. Custom drawings brought by the buyer could be replicated.

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